TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa police said a man accused of sexual assault while pretending to be an officer may have more victims.

So far, two people have come forward alleging the police impersonator sexually assaulted them.

While law enforcement impersonation is a unique crime, Sonny Gonzalez Jr.’s motive doesn’t seem to be.

“This criminal preyed upon women by impersonating a law enforcement officer and sexually assaulting them,” Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw said.

Two women allegedly told investigators they had been targeted by 42-year-old Gonzalez Jr. at nearby hotels.

The man reportedly carried a fake police badge and had a gun. He showed both of these items to one victim.

“The victim said the man then questioned her as if he were a law enforcement officer before he sexually battered her and told her not to say anything,” Bercaw said.

Gonzalez faces charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer, sexual battery, and armed false imprisonment.

“We are grateful to those who came forward with information that allowed us to arrest the man accused of impersonating an officer.”

Bercaw said he believes there could be more victims.

If you were victimized by Gonzalez, call Tampa’s special victims unit at 813-276-3544.

Bercaw said to ask for their name and badge number. Dispatch can confirm their occupation and identity.