TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa police are investigating a murder that happened early this morning in the 1100 Block of West Lemon Street.

Police say a man’s body was discovered with a fatal gunshot wound.

The neighborhood is behind the University of Tampa, less than a mile from the school. Many students woke up to a text alert from the school advising them of the crime. Teegan Ahrens and her roommate are both U.T. students and saw the text alert this morning.

“She got woken up to an alert, a text message from the school saying that we need to stay out of the area and it’s kind of hard to do when we’re right next door to it,” said Ahrens.

As officers and crime scene technicians processed evidence at the house across the street from her, Ahrens says she’s never felt unsafe in the neighborhood before.

“It’s pretty safe. We don’t really see anything crazy going on. It’s pretty normal, it’s normally really quiet,” said Ahrens.

Her roommate, Kim Souza, says when she first looked outside this morning, many officers were just starting to arrive.

“It was a little jarring to see the tape because I was like, oh my gosh it’s literally on my fence right here,” said Souza.

As police began their investigation, a large crowd gathered on the street. Many, say they are family members of the victim. Terance Hayes says the victim is his brother Anthony.

“He was a loving person. Everybody loved him in the neighborhood.”

Hayes says he has no idea why anyone would kill his brother.

“I mean, everybody liked him. I mean that’s why it’s just hard for this to happen and it don’t make no sense,” said Hayes.

Tampa Police have not released any motive for the murder and have not identified any suspects.