102 miles per hour. 

That’s how fast Tampa police believe Cameron Herrin was driving in a 2018 Ford Mustang when he hit and killed a mother and her young daughter.

Eight days after this crash that killed Jessica Raubenolt and her daughter Lillia, new court documents show the Mustang driven by Herrin, in what police say was a race, registered 102 mph before Herrin braked hard.

8 On Your Side decided to simulate 102 miles an hour along the same stretch of Bayshore.  

We put a GoPro camera on the windshield and drove 35 miles per hour.

We sped the video up three times to give you a driver’s view.          

It’s a harrowing ride with little room for error.

At Knight’s Avenue West, Raubenolt, pushing a stroller with her 21-month old daughter, attempted to cross.

They didn’t make it.

Elif Fitts jogs Bayshore every day.

She said ever since the crash, some drivers are slowing down. Many others are not.

“I just saw 60 mph a little while ago and they’re, ya know, they see all the news and they see the police officers driving by and it’s just now stopping some people,” said Fitts.

At 102 mph, the Mustang would cover two and a half football fields in just 5 seconds.

Cops are enforcing the new limit. Some doubt it will make things safer.

”Regardless of what you put the speed limit at, if you’ve got a couple of guys that want to race, it’s gonna happen,” said Mike Creamer.

The Bayshore Beautiful Homeowners Association is re-starting a program to pay for extra police patrols in this area.    

There are other ideas in the works to make this roadway safer.

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