TAMPA (WFLA) – An officer was fired from the Tampa Police Department after a body camera captured him using a racial slur, according to a department spokesman.

Delvin White was terminated this week for “violations of policy that prohibit discriminatory conduct,” Public Information Officer Eddy Durkin said.

According to a news release from the police department, body camera video captured White using the n-word and referencing a group of people as “ghetto” while on a phone call. Police said the incident happened on Nov. 13.

While he was under investigation for the Nov. 13 incident, authorities said White told his supervisor that there was another incident that happened on Nov. 30 where he used the n-word while making an arrest. According to Durkin, White was caught on body camera “using the derogatory language” twice while making a trespassing arrest.

“Derogatory statements made by police officers jeopardize the trust that our department works to establish with our community,” Police Chief Brian Dugan said in a statement. “Tampa Police officers are held to a higher standard and incidents like this negatively impact the entire law enforcement profession.”

Delvin White – Courtesy Tampa Police Benevolent Association

A representative with the Tampa Police Benevolent Association released a statement following White’s termination.

We stand with the City of Tampa and the Tampa Police Department in their efforts to stamp out racism in every form and condemn any and all derogatory statements in or out of uniform. 

The facts in the Delvin White matter do not reflect an act or any intent that warrants the punishment he received for his alleged transgression. Officer White is a beloved and trusted member of the East Tampa community that he was raised in and that he protected every day. Despite his misstep, throughout the investigation, private citizens and other individuals associated with his school contacted the Chief of Police lending their support and reflecting their admiration for his character and contributions. The PBA will file a formal grievance on Officer White’s behalf with the hope and expectation of getting this valued Officer back to work. 

Tampa Police Benevolent Association Spokesperson

White is an an eight-year veteran of the police department and was most recently assigned as a school resource officer at Middleton High School.