A judge has ruled a Tampa mom accused of drowning her 4-year-old daughter incompetent to stand trial.

The ruling on 26-year-old Shakayla Denson came during a brief hearing on Tuesday morning.

Denson is accused of drowning her 4-year-old daughter Je’Hyrah Daniels by throwing her in the Hillsborough River back in August.

Witnesses told police Denson stole a car from a lot, forced her daughter into the back seat, drove to the Hillsborough River then dragged the screaming girl into the water and released her.

The little girl’s body was later pulled from the river by divers. Denson was charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and grand theft of an automobile.

Court documents released after the girl’s death revealed while Denson was sitting in a patrol vehicle after the incident, she “spontaneously stated that now the victim was ‘pure’ and was with her grandmother.”

A judge later appointed two doctors to evaluate Denson’s mental state.

Now that a judge has ruled her incompetent to stand trial, Denson will be taken to a state hospital.