TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Tampa man claimed a $1 million prize in the “$1,000,000 a Year for Life” game from the Florida Lottery.

On Wednesday, the lottery announced Kiet Tran, 53, bought the winning scratch-off ticket at Active Food Mart, located at 1401 West Waters Ave. in Tampa. The store will get a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the ticket.

Tran chose to receive his prize as a $640,000 lump sum, according to the Florida Lottery.

The $50 scratch-off game, which launched in February, features two top prizes of $1 million a year for life and 234 prizes of $1 million, as well as smaller cash prizes. The overall odds of winning are 1-in-4.5, according to the Florida Lottery.