TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Tampa man faces a mandatory life sentence after getting convicted in the murder of a 17-month-old child.

A Monday release from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit said a jury found Enrico Adams guilty in the child’s death.

Officials said in December 2019, the child’s mother came back home from the laundromat with the toddler’s siblings when she found the victim unresponsive in the crib.

She testified that her child was behaving normally before being left alone at home with her boyfriend for several hours.

Video evidence showed a frustrated Adams outside their apartment before handling the toddler roughly while walking back inside.

An autopsy showed that the toddler had severe blunt-force trauma, which led to the child’s death.

“It is difficult to comprehend how anyone could harm a defenseless, innocent child,” State Attorney Suzy Lopez said. “I am proud of our prosecution team for ensuring this monster will live the rest of his life in prison thinking about the life he viciously stole. My heart is with the victim’s mother and family as they process their unimaginable grief.”

Adams will be formally sentenced on Oct. 25, 2023.