TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The City of Tampa kicked off pride month in a big way by hosting a “Love is Love” community wedding.

The Hillsborough County Clerk and Comptroller officiated the ceremony for couples Thursday morning in Joe Chillura Courthouse Square.

“It’s just wonderful. It’s like we start our future now, even though we’ve been together for like 12 years,” said Tiffani Conner, who married her partner Laura during the community wedding. “I’m so thankful for the city administration to come out and do this and put it together for people. It just shows such support. It makes me proud to live in Tampa.”

Couples said the support from the city means a lot after enduring hate and discrimination.

“At one point we couldn’t even get married,” said Angel Thompson, who married her partner Shakinna. “So, to know we were able to get married here, in the middle of downtown, with the people that matter the most to us, other couples, it was great.”

“It’s like home being around people who, who care and love each other and we can’t get hurt,” said Laura Conner.

Conner said she came out in her 20s but didn’t feel comfortable telling people.

Couples had to provide their marriage license and identification prior to the ceremony. They will receive an official marriage certificate in about one week.