TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa International Airport saw its busiest spring break season on record, ushering through over two million passengers, according to a report from airport officials.

The spring break season officially came to an end on Monday, April 10. TPA’s preliminary checkpoint data shows an estimated 2.5 million passengers traveled through the airport during the spring break period, surpassing the previous 2019 spring break record by roughly 50,000 passengers, as previously predicted.

Sunday, March 19 was the airport’s busiest day on record with more than 90,000 passengers. That Saturday and Sunday combined saw more than 178,000 passengers, also a record for the busiest weekend in TPA history.

Despite the record-breaking volume, TPA says its average wait time at the TSA checkpoint was still under 10 minutes.

Airport officials said it was a relatively smooth spring break due to the lack of operational disruptions with airline delays and cancelations commonly associated with winter holiday periods.

“If unprecedented passport demand and expert travel forecasts are any indications,” airport officials said, “this summer could be extremely busy as well.”