TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Millions of Americans are taking one last trip of the summer this Labor Day weekend.

Unlike previous holiday travel troubles at Tampa International Airport, things are running smooth so far. TPA is expecting to see 60,000 travelers per day over the Labor Day weekend.

For fliers, bags are packed and passports are in hand.

“I’m going to Paris,” said traveler Michele Bayens.

Bayens is connecting through Detroit.

“It’s really difficult to know with connections nowadays if the airlines schedule enough time,” she said.

Bayens travels frequently for work and has seen her fair share of delays and cancellations.

“Today is a good day,” she said.

TPA will see 340,000 passengers through the Labor Day weekend.

“We are telling people, get to the airport early,” said Emily Nipps, spokesperson for Tampa International Airport. “Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the weather, not just here in the Tampa Bay area, but elsewhere because that can sometimes mess up flight schedules.”

Nipps said staffing issues have mostly subsided with airlines adjusting flight schedules.

“A lot of the issues that we saw in the spring and early summer with delays and cancellations are starting to improve.”

TPA is expecting some crowded parking in the short-term garage because of construction. In that case, people would then be diverted to the long-term garage.

The Department of Transportation has launched an online dashboard to help travelers know their rights if they experience delays or cancellations.

If you do experience a delay or cancelation, it’s good to know ahead of time if your airline is responsible for your last-minute accommodations.