TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — History and culture can be expressed through food, as recipes get passed down to us.

On Saturday, the first annual festival, “Food From The Soul,” hosted in Tampa highlighted different cultures including African, Asian, Caribbean, Hispanic, and Native American cultures and the origin of their food.

“I created this festival to give Black, Indigenous, people of color a chance to be highlighted in their authenticity,” Kimberly Jackson, the founder of Food From The Soul said. “To show how our traditions, which are passed down from our parents and our grandparents, and how our love of food connects us all and creates memories, and family bonds you can just never get rid of.”

The festival embodies the stories passed down from generations, starting right in the kitchen.

Festivalgoers enjoyed a variety of foods while supporting businesses created by Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

The event also featured live entertainment, a VIP wine tasting, and a food fight.

Food From The Soul will be donating to The Tampa Bay Vo-Tech High School Culinary Art Department and the Professional Opportunities Program for Students to inspire and create the next generation of chefs.