TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A couple celebrated a “destination wedding” recently… at Tampa General Hospital.

TGH posted a picture of the impromptu wedding on Facebook. According to the post, the bride, Brittany, was admitted to the ICU for emergency surgery on what was supposed to be her and her fiancé Paul’s wedding day.

It was a “serious situation,” so the couple wanted to get married in the hour before the surgery.

They requested a chaplain, but according to the post got so much more.

In the picture posted by TGH, Brittany is surrounded by the team that helped turn her hospital bed into a “destination wedding… in our ICU.”

“In just one hour, the team pulled together a quick wedding with balloons, decorations, a bouquet, and even a personalized cake,” the post read. “The team transformed into DJs, hairdressers, photographers, and wedding planners: one nurse even made a veil out of gauze!”

The post from Tampa General said the wedding went great and the surgery “went even better.”

Brittany has since been discharged from the hospital, the post said, and is “now in the “happily ever after stage of recovery.”