TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The attack shocked Florida and the country. A Saudi Arabian second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force participating in training at Naval Air Station Pensacola shot three men and injured eight others in a terrorist attack.

“He actually ran into the building,” said Evelyn Brady. “Hopefully trying to neutralize the situation, but he was shot and killed that day.”

Brady’s son, Mohammed Haitham, was one of the three, leaving her in a club no one wants to join — Gold Star Families. She carries his photo and dog tag around her neck.

“Everywhere I go,” Brady explained. “When I travel, he travels with me.”

Brady is a Navy veteran herself. Her older sister is an Army veteran and her oldest son is a Marine veteran.

“I’m proud to say I am a veteran,” Brady said. “We’ve done our part for our country.”

And on Veterans Day of all days, she wants people to ask her about Mohammed.

“Sometimes I feel like people have forgotten,” Brady said. “Nobody really asks me about Mohammed anymore. I don’t know if it’s because they think I’m fragile.”

Brady and other Gold Star families, along with Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and other military officials honored Veterans Day at the Hotel Tampa Riverwalk, formerly the Sheraton, on Friday. Though lightning, thunder and rain prevented an outdoor ceremony, a wreath was later laid at the Gold Star memorial in the MacDill park on the Riverwalk next door.

Tampa Bay families pose for a picture with General Michael E. Kurilla, Commander of U.S. Central Command. (WFLA)

“Frankie was brought up pretty much in an environment that honored our military,” said Craig Gross.

Army Corporal Frank R. Gross was killed in action during Operation Enduring Freedom on July 16, 2011, in Afghanistan. Craig and Toni, his parents, carry the Gold Star.

“When he was growing up, he played with his G.I. Joe action figures,” Craig Gross said. “He just always talked about being a soldier ever since he was a little boy.”

Both Craig and Toni’s fathers served in the military.

“Veterans Day was a big day for us,” Craig said. “Of course, we never imagined that we would be honoring our son on Veterans Day and Memorial Day the way that we are.”

Both parents want people to acknowledge their veterans.

“Go up to them, thank them, and ask them to tell you their story,” Toni said. “It’s one thing to thank them, but ask them about their story, how they served our nation bravely.”

They do the same when they see veterans.

“If we see a guy with a Vietnam veteran hat,” Craig explained. “The first thing I do is I walk up to them, shake their hand, and say, ‘Welcome home, veteran. It’s good to have you here.'”