TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Electric is planning to reduce customer bills in 2024.

TECO filed its projected costs for 2024 for fuel, storm costs, and new solar plants with the Florida Public Service Commission, and if approved, the average customer’s bill would decrease by about 11%, according to the company.

“After record-high temperatures have driven up bills this summer, we are pleased that Tampa Electric customers will soon get some welcome relief,” President and CEO Archie Collins said in a statement. “Fuel costs have declined since the high prices of 2022, and, as a result, we are expecting lower electricity bills in 2024.”

A customer who uses 1,000 kWh of electricity would see their bills drop by $17.65 per month, TECO said.

The Florida Public Service Commission will vote on the request at a hearing that begins Nov. 1, and if approved, would go into effect in January, TECO said.

“We urge customers to continue energy-saving measures because high temperatures will continue for the next few months,” Collins said. “As temperatures start to decline, so should energy bills.”