TAMPA (WFLA) – Jan Santos is a skin cancer survivor.

“I just encourage young people to be aware of the sun,” she told 8 On Your Side during a visit to the ForCare Medical Center dermatology office Thursday morning.

Santos had surgeries in the past to get rid of skin cancer cells, but when she found out cancer was back in her lip, her doctor suggested she try a new innovative treatment.

“They said the Mohs (surgery) treatment, it could possibly disfigure my lip and then I’d have to have more surgery after that and this was something new they wanted me to try,” Santos explained.

Dr. Seth Forman’s dermatology office is the second in the country to offer electron beam therapy for Basal cell carcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma skin cancers. The first is located in The Villages.

“Electron beam therapy is even touchless; there is no direct contact with the doctor or equipment,” Dr. Seth Forman said. “Another benefit is that patients don’t need to stop taking medication, as they may need to if undergoing surgery. And immediately following treatment, patients are able to carry on with their normal routines.”  

Dr. Forman said this non-invasive option is used to remove skin cancer in sensitive areas on the face, like eyelids, lips and ears.

“We’re harnessing the energy of electrons to treat the actual cancer cells with preserving the non-cancerous tissue, so therefore the patient is able to preserve as much normal skin cells as possible,” Dr. Forman explained.  

Santos is in the middle of a six-week treatment that requires daily visits between Monday and Friday to Dr. Forman’s office.

“It’s painless,” she said. “The surgery is pain.”

More information on electron beam therapy is available at www.ForCareMed.com and by calling 813-960-2400.