TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Sally Nichols is devastated that Queen Elizabeth has passed.

“She dedicated her whole life to the service of the country,” said Nichols who grew up in Great Britain.
She came to the United States with her husband to care for his father.

“We came here to look after my husband’s father who was poorly,” said Nichols in a lilting English accent.

They stayed and eventually opened Cook’s Kitchen on Gandy Boulevard in Tampa. Their menu is uniquely British.

“We have roast beef, Coronation chicken, obviously that was the queen’s dish, quiches, there is pate,” Nichols said.

She trained formally as a Chef with Cordon Bleu and before moving to the States, her career took her to a Royal Household.

“Fergie was my contact, so I cooked for her and Prince Andrew at their marital home,” Nichols said, who pointed out she has signed the “official secrets act” and can’t reveal a great deal about the homes she worked in. But she said hse also worked in the home of the Queen Mother.

“I have, therefore, seen two Royal Households, so I’ve served tea on the Queen Mother’s tea trolley, so very interesting insight into a very different way of life,” said Nichols who literally witnessed Queen Elizabeth through a kitchen window.

Like many in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth is the only Monarch she’s ever known.

“I can’t quite imagine life without her because she is absolutely what is British about Britain, you know the Queen. Everyone loved her,” Nichols said.

Now that the Queen has passed, Nichols believes King Charles III will carry on where his mother left off.

“I think Charles will do a very good job. I mean I think people have had a bit of time to imagine the Queen passing because she has been poorly for a little while this year. I think people have warmed up to Charles and I think he is an excellent representative for the country and Camilla will be at his side and I think they will make a great team together,” Nichols added.