TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa City Council will vote on whether or not to continue funding for a project to convert wastewater into drinking water on Thursday.

According to the agenda, councilmembers will decide whether to transfer, reallocate or appropriate $1,172,550 for the Purify Usable Resources for the Environment, PURE, Project within the Water Renewal & Replacement Fund.

The project is commonly referred to as ‘toilet to tap’ by opposed environmental groups.

Whit Remer with the City of Tampa previously said, “We have hear that there is a large ‘ick’ factor there that really throws people off and we understand that. You know, that has been done around the country and I think people eventually get over that hurdle.”

Currently the city’s wastewater is treated at the Howard F. Curren Wastewater Treatment Plant. 50 million gallons are pumped into the Seddon Channel each day. According to Tampa leaders, the state is requiring they find new uses for the water.

“Other options include putting in the Hillsborough River reservoir and blending it with the reservoir river water, mixing it. We could put it below the dam, so mixing it directly into the river,” described Remer.

Environmental groups are concerned with the idea.

Tampa Bay Sierra Club member Gary Gibbons said, “We don’t think it’s a good idea for them to put treated wastewater, either into the river, or into the reservoir or store what’s left over in the aquifer.”

Remer said they’ll seek public feedback before they move forward with any of the options.

He explained, “The public is critical to this process. This is our water, it’s our drinking water. It’s our estuary, it’s our river, and so the public’s engagement, their input is absolutely critical.”

City council will address funding for the PURE project during their meeting, Thursday.