TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The City of Tampa will soon turn the volume down in Channelside.

On Thursday, City Council members voted to amend a noise ordinance that changes the current rules for the Channel District.

The district will change from an entertainment zone to a residential zone — that means changes to how loud noise is enforced.

Officials will no longer need a noise measuring device, and noise will no longer be measured using the decibel system.

Instead, noise will now be measured by plainly audible, meaning authorities would determine on their own if the noise level is unreasonably loud.

According to city officials, police have to issue a 5-minute warning before they can issue a citation.

According to the City of Tampa, they received 548 Noise Complaints in 2021. The City of Tampa Police Department Received 12,000 calls for noise complaints between January 2019-October 2020.

City officials said the ordinance will take effect once Mayor Jane Castors signs off on it.