TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Bay Area businesses are keeping a close eye on the potential for Tropical Storm Ian next week.

They have to make sure they have everything they need in case they have to close their doors for a few days.

At Seedlings on South Dale Mabry, employees said they are ready for whatever mother nature brings. They said it floods outside their doors often and in the road.

“Every time it rains, if it’s raining more than 45 minutes it’s flooding,” Danielle Sayer said.

Sayer said they know what to expect if a huge storm blows through. But there is still some concern.
Employees said that in the past, water has made its way inside the store.

“In hurricane season we have specialized kits for this purpose, with sandbags and towels,” Sayer said.

“It’s a common thing, it’s not only a one time thing,” Daiana Adams said.

Hillsborough County Emergency Management has not activated it’s emergency operations center yet, but they said they are preparing to.

“There’s been many emails to start gearing up for a potential strike to the area or even close to the area,” Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Rob Herrin said.

Employees at Seedlings said they are getting ready now, so they’re not scrambling when it’s too late.

“We will move everything to the center and prep with our kit,” Sayer said.

You can learn more about storm safety information in Hillsborough County here.