TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Bay’s new women’s soccer team unveiled their new name, logo, and colors in Tampa on Saturday evening.

Over 500 fans gathered as Mayor Jane Castor announced the name: Tampa Bay Sun Football Club.

“Through months of thoughtful discussions and meetings with fan groups, we turned directly to our local communities. We listened to their stories about who we are, why we choose to call this area home, and, most importantly, why we adore this place,” Club President Christina Unkel said.

The team said their objective was to discover a common thread that binds the community and capture a part of Tampa everyone loves.

Fans at the event were able to take home brand-new merchandise for the pro sports team. Guests also celebrated the moment with lights, music, and bursts of confetti.

The Tampa Bay Sun Football Club collection is available for purchase at tampabaysunfc.com.

This past summer, the team took 2,500 suggestions from the Tampa Bay community. They said they received nine submissions for the name, “sun.” One submission said, “You can have Tampa Bay Sun FC, and within an hour you can touch the beach, the city, and the country.”

The nine people who submitted that name will receive a prize pack including team merchandise and a ball signed by the team once the official roster is out. The players will be Tampa Bay’s first-ever female top-tier pro athletes.

The team will be coached by longtime USF women’s soccer coach Denise Schilte-Brown and will share its stadium with Blake High School in Downtown Tampa.

The team is now accepting season ticket deposits for the inaugural season starting at $24.