PALMETTO, Fla. (WFLA) — Some people are filling their sandbags to prepare for Hurricane Ian, while others are battening down the hatches. Boats across the state are especially vulnerable to any changes in the water level, and owners are nervous.

“We have worked hard for everything we own,” said Emily Kinzer Crews. “This could totally wreck it.”

Crews and her husband Cole bought a sailing catamaran in late May. They were planning on spending the next two years on it, sailing to islands and spots in the Caribbean and Atlantic.

“Our whole life is on this boat at this point in time as of a couple weeks ago,” Cole Crews said. “Everything we own is right there.”

They spent all day Sunday strapping down for Ian, offloading their head sail and wrapping up the main sail bag. They’re also moving their catamaran into a marina across the river, one that has a seawall and more protection from extreme winds.

“Unfortunately with this impending storm, it could sink our boat before we ever leave the dock,” said Emily. “That’s our biggest fear right now.”

The couple spent $600,000 and two years getting ready for this trip.

“Just feeling super nervous and a bit hopeless too because there’s nothing we can do,” Emily said. “We are not going to outrun any storm in this catamaran. We can’t go farther downriver because our mast is too tall, so we are literally stuck in this spot.”

Emily and Cole plan on riding out the storm in their boat, wanting to keep an eye on the lines and make sure none are too tight nor too loose. But they do have supplies in a hotel nearby if the winds get too strong.

“We’re putting all of our eggs into that catamaran right there,” Cole said. “This storm has got us scared for sure.”

They just hope other boat owners prep the same.

“Another thing we’re worried about too is not just our boat being properly tied up, but maybe other boats that aren’t properly tied up,” Emily explained. “What’s going to happen there? Are there going to be boats floating around here in the marina? We don’t know, we sure hope not.”