TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – An attorney from Tampa Bay is on a mission to make sure every courthouse in Florida has a dedicated space for nursing mothers.

Attorney Jen Feld’s first son was born prematurely five years ago.

“He had an intolerance to formula,” she told News Channel 8, “so basically it was pump breast milk for him. Pumping was life.”

Four weeks after returning from maternity leave, Feld said she had jury trial in a Palm Beach County courthouse.

“At the time I did have to pump in a criminal court holding cell,” Feld said, “which was an interesting experience.”

Feld said the Florida Association for Women Lawyers reached out to her after an article she wrote on how to be a new mom and trial lawyer went viral.

She is now leading the association’s efforts to push for legislation that would require a private, safe and clean space for new mothers to nurse or pump breast milk in every Florida state courthouse.

“Currently, we have about 32 across the state of Florida, but there’s over 120 in the state and we’re hoping to have representation statewide,” Feld said.

The Hillsborough County courthouse in downtown Tampa already has two lactation rooms. The first room opened in 2017.

In 2019, Feld helped open the lactation room at the Pinellas County courthouse.

“So we are ahead of the curb locally,” she said, “which is wonderful.”

Feld said if passed, she hopes the law will have a lasting impact on mothers across the Sunshine State.

“It’s an access to justice issue,” Feld said. “As you mentioned jurors need access to that sometimes. People come to the courthouse to pay a parking ticket or get a marriage license and there should be a space for nursing mothers.”

In 2019, Congress approved an act that provides for a designated lactation space in Federal courthouses.

Lawmakers in both the Florida House and Senate have filed bills to make this a requirement in state courthouses in every Florida county.