TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa-based nonprofit Project Dynamo coordinated the evacuation of nearly 90 Americans and allies from Sudan this week, landing the first charter flight for people fleeing civil war.

According to a news release from Project Dynamo, organizers of the Rhino River operation were the first to land a private plane for evacuees, following the U.S. military’s evacuation of the embassy in the capital city of Khartoum.

Project Dynamo members “worked tirelessly to contact, authenticate, support, locate, move and exfiltrate the American evacuees to extraction points in Khartoum,” the release stated.

The flight carrying close to 90 people landed at Cairo International Airport in Egypt on Monday.

“We were trapped in a terrifying situation, and Project Dynamo came to our rescue,” one of the evacuees said. “Thank you to [Project Dynamo founder Bryan Stern], you saved me and you saved my son’s life.”

Project Dynamo has conducted several rescue missions in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Russia and Ukraine, helping evacuate Americans to safety.

To donate and support Project Dynamo’s rescue efforts in conflict zones around the world, visit Project Dynano’s website.