TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Out of the 50 largest cities in the United States, Tampa is the 18th most expensive to live in, when it comes to household bills. That ranking is according to doxoPLUS, a personal finance servicer.

According to the doxo report:

BillU.S. Average/monthFlorida Average/monthTampa Average/month
Auto Loan$433$459$478
Auto insurance$196$262$339
Health insurance$123$43$75
Phone bill$113$107$97
Alarm & Security$84$92$74
Life Insurance$82$94$57
(Source: Doxo)

Four other Florida cities join Tampa in America’s 50 most expensive cities.

  • Miami (No. 9)
  • Fort Lauderdale (No. 12)
  • Tampa (No. 18)
  • Orlando (No. 26)
  • Jacksonville (No. 30)

Getting further into general costs, doxo said:

  • The average Tampa household pays $2,081 a month for the 10 most common household bills.
  • The household expenses in Tampa, on average, are 3.9% higher than the national average of $2,003.
  • Tampa households spend 44% of their income on household bills.

A more detailed report by doxo said Tampa was ranked 52 out of 200 for monthly bill costs in Florida.

Compared to the rest of the country, doxo said Florida as a state was ranked No. 18 for its average cost of bills per month. The company found that “on average, Florida’s household expenses, are $1,993 per month.

Each year, doxo said “Florida residents pay $177 billion in household bills. See more data about bill pay in Florida by clicking on the infographic link below.”