TAMPA (WFLA) – A real estate agent seeing the impact supply chain challenges are having on home construction and remodeling reached out to 8 On Your Side after discovering a major paint retailer is tacking on a supply chain surcharge.

“I’m finding colors are very limited and price of roofing supplies is going up significantly,” she said.

Even in one of the hottest housing markets in the country, Siftar said some buyers are starting to have second thoughts.  

“What’s happening is these buyers that would generally be OK with doing some of these projects after moving in, they’re starting to hesitate because they don’t want to be living in a home that needs a lot of repairs and they’re not able to remodel it in a timely fashion,” Siftar explained.

Credit: Amanda Siftar

Siftar recently purchased a new house in Westchase that needed a paint job.

It wasn’t until after she got home from shopping Monday at a Sherwin-Williams store that she noticed the four percent “supply chain charge” on her receipt.

“I was really surprised that they actually separated it,” Siftar said. “I would have thought they would have added it to the actual price but I know prices have already increased 10 percent since last year.”

At the end of September, the CEO of Sherwin-Williams John Morikis warned investors the availability of raw materials and pricing inflation had worsened.

“We continue to combat these elevated costs with pricing actions across all of our businesses,” Morikis said.

While Siftar is aware shortages are pushing prices higher, she said “to add this additional surcharge on top of that to products that are already much more than last year it just seems to be excessive to me.”

A Sherwin-Williams spokesperson has not yet replied to an email asking why not just increase the retail price.

The four percent supply chain surcharge for the company remains in effect until Dec. 31.