TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – Southwest Airlines is trying to get back to normal operations on Tuesday, after having thousands of cancelled flights and hundreds more delayed since last Friday due to operational disruption.

“As we complete efforts to stabilize our network, Southwest expects a more normal operation on Tuesday with approximately 90 system-wide cancellations out of the airline’s almost 3,300 flights scheduled for the day,” said Southwest Airlines in a statement on their website.

Bradenton couple, Linda and David May were one of the thousands of passengers impacted by the issue.

They were on their plane Friday morning, set to fly to Buffalo, when everyone was told they needed to unload the plane due to an issue. David and Linda waited in their seats for assistance since they are handicapped travelers.

“There was a lot of people who flew that way, handicap, but there was only one other lady waiting and they got her off. Next thing you know my husband and I are just sitting there, just us, waiting for help, “said Linda May.

The couple claims they were left on an empty plane and the airline forgot about them. They tell 8 On Your Side they waited at least fifteen minutes before someone came back onto the plane. No one from the airline had an answer as to why they were left behind.

“We asked the steward and the pilot ‘why did you do this?’ And they told us there was stewardess in the back and I said if there was one in the back why didn’t she see me standing there trying to sit down and struggling. Why did you leave me there and they didn’t answer me,” added May.

Southwest Airline released a statement on Tuesday regarding the operation disruptions that occurred and it said in part, “We’ve built a reputation around safe, reliable, friendly air travel, delivered with legendary Southwest Hospitality, and we’re sorry to anyone whose experience did not reflect that over the past several days.”