TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A statement from Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez and his wife is revealing more details about the night Ramirez shot himself on Interstate 75 in Tampa.

The couple said they wanted to release a statement to address “damaging and hurtful misinformation” although they are focused on Freddy’s recovery.

In the statement obtained by WTVJ, Jody emphasized that there was “even a hint of physical aggression” between her and her husband when Tampa police officers were called to a hotel the couple was staying at on the night of the shooting.

The statement also reveals that Jody “saved Freddy’s life” when she grabbed her husband’s arm so that his injury was “serious but not fatal.”

Here is the full statement:

Jody and Freddy Ramirez want to express their deepest and heartfelt appreciation to the many who have sent messages of support and best wishes for Freddy’s speedy recovery. This outpouring of care and concern has meant everything to their family at this difficult time and continues to contribute to Freddy’s healing.

While the family’s focus is upon Freddy’s recovery, it is appropriate to address damaging and hurtful misinformation that has been repeated in various media reports concerning the events of the evening of July 23rd.

Jody strongly wishes to emphasize that at no time was there even a hint of physical aggression between her and Freddy. Nor is there the slightest evidence of such contact – not from Jody, not from a witness and not from any of the various security cameras operating throughout the hotel.

Further, the reckless allegation that he took out his gun prior to checking out from the hotel that evening is false and unsupported by either witnesses or camera footage. It is hoped that the media will be cautious about reporting on this subject, not only out of respect for their family, but because the public deserves to know the truth rather than sensational and unsubstantiated falsities. 

Both Jody and Freddy were shocked by the sudden arrival of numerous police officers shortly after 6:30 on that Sunday evening.  It was even more shocking that Freddy was put in handcuffs. It is evident that being placed in handcuffs is a profoundly disturbing event for any who experiences it. It was especially so for such a distinguished leader of law-enforcement, with an unblemished record of more than 28 years of exemplary service in protecting the public.

Afterwards, shortly after local police left their hotel room, Jody and Freddy decided to leave for home and put a bad night’s experience behind them. After the seriously troubling and confusing events that had befallen them, during the drive home, with both still bewildered and distraught, Jody was able to grab her husband’s arm so that the resulting injury was serious but not fatal. She saved Freddy’s life.

This is a strong family anchored on a 30-year marriage of love and deep mutual respect. Jody, Freddy and their four children continue to be a family utterly  devoted to each other. Jody is respectfully requesting that their sisters and  brothers in law enforcement, as well as members of the public, appreciate what an extraordinarily painful and challenging time this has been. She will not be commenting and will remain dedicated to Freddy’s recovery, looking forward to the moment when they will walk out of the hospital together.”

Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez and Jody Ramirez on behalf of Kendall Coffey