TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Uber is offering a new service in the Tampa Bay area that the rideshare company says will save its riders money while cutting down on unnecessary emissions.

Users can now opt to share their trip with another rider using the new UberX Share offering, Uber announced Thursday.

UberX Share pairs two single riders together based on their selected route. The company says the shared ride will add up to eight additional minutes to the trip, but it could take longer depending on traffic or the availability of drivers.

In exchange for the extra time, riders who choose UberX Share can receive up to 20% off the price of their drive. Users who choose UberX Share will receive a discount, even if they aren’t matched with another rider.

“Riders who use UberX Share will receive a minimum discount, and may receive more based on the time and distance traveled with a co-rider,” according to the fine print on the UberX Share website.

Only single riders can use UberX Share. The company recommends requesting an UberX or UberXL if travelling with other people.

UberX Share helps cut down on emissions by turning two similar trips into one, according to a release from Uber. It is part of the company’s shift towards becoming a zero-emissions platform.