SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Fla. (WLFA) — One of the busiest shopping weekends of the year is almost here, with deals everywhere from big box retailers to the mom-and-pop shop across the street.

“That’s so crucial for us coming up to the holiday season,” said Kelly Hawaii. “That just kind of carries over to support us during the slower months, like in the summertime.”

Seminole Heights stores are stocking their shelves for Small Business Saturday. Kelly Hawaii and her Lufka Refillables Zero Waste Store does a month’s worth of business just on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday alone.

“It’s one of our best business days of the year,” Hawaii said. “It’s because we do go above and beyond and offer these special events and special prizes to people.”

This weekend’s special event is the ‘Shop Hop.’ Shoppers can get a bingo-esque card from a local store, visit six participating stores on the card and enter to win prizes in a raffle. It’s meant to encourage shoppers that are throttling back due to inflation.

“We see customers still coming and buying those essential items,” Hawaii explained. “But maybe this time they wouldn’t get a candle, or this time they wouldn’t get a room spray or a body scrub or something that would be considered a luxury item.”

This will be the first Small Business Saturday for Laura Sefkow and her store, Tiger Dust.

“We just try to kind of work collaboratively to make sure that everybody that enters our block hits every store and has just a blast,” Sefkow said.

Local store owners in Seminole Heights work together throughout the whole year to ensure when shoppers come to visit, they stay and have a good experience.

Tiger Dust opened eight months ago, and Sefkow has seen consumers spend less in this economy.

“People coming in,” Sefkow said. “Really still liking the shop, really still wanting to take something home, but you know, kind of those lower ticket items.”

She said shopping locally helps people that share the community with you.

“The other women on the block have said that it’s usually a pretty great day,” Sefko said. “So we’re really looking forward to it.”

Both Lufka and Tiger Dust will be open longer on Saturday if you’d like to stop by, and the ‘Shop Hop’ will have an after-party as well to cap off the raffle.