HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A desperate search is on for a missing mother of three. Her kids have not seen her for over a week.

Four-year-old Ricardo, and one-year-old Josue are playing outside like any other day. Their older brother, age five, is at school. They don’t know they were the last ones to see their mom.

“Her husband told me he woke up about seven o’clock and Saturday morning and he couldn’t find her. So he woke up the oldest son and asked him, and he was like, no mama went outside,” says Fidencio Minjares.

Veronica Reyes went out on Jan. 17, to hang out with a friend. She was dropped off Saturday morning after 1 o’clock in Dover. Her father says she took her kids inside and went back outside. Her car is still out front.

“Her purse was left in the vehicle with money, ID, keys, not even a charger for her phone,” says Minjares, Veronica’s father.

Only one surveillance camera exists in this mobile home park, and the family says all it showed was Veronica’s friend’s car dropping her off.

“You know, her phone is dead. We can’t get through to it. No messages, no calls, it goes straight to voice mail. Of course like any parent you get concerned and you think the worst of the worst,” says Minjares.

On Saturday, 150 friends and family spent the day looking through woods behind her neighborhood. They found nothing.

Veronica Reyes’ husband and her father are afraid to think she may be a victim of human trafficking. They don’t think she left on her own.

The family is asking if you have seen Veronica contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.