TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Hillsborough County School Board decided Tuesday not to move forward with a controversial plan to change school boundaries.

The School District has held meetings with parents and school board members for weeks to discuss the plans.

School Superintendent Addison Davis maintains the changes are needed to save the district millions of dollars and to deal with overcrowded and under-utilized schools.

However, parents from all over the school district have complained about the changes and how they will impact students, schools, and communities.

Tuesday, a number of parents and community leaders came to speak against the latest proposal for change.

“We stand in opposition. It appears that in the culture we are now in that we are going back 50 years fighting for justice and against racism and discrimination,” said former Hillsborough County Commissioner Reverend Thomas Scott, who maintains the proposed changes disproportionately impact African American Students.

Parent Kevin Welch is opposed because the proposed changes would send his children to Brandon High School instead of Bloomingdale High School.

“It’s a ‘C’ school, how did we get to a point where we are going from an ‘A’ school to a ‘C’ school?” Welch asked.

Davis recommended that board members come back on March 9 to hold another workshop on the proposed changes instead of voting on a plan at the Tuesday meeting.

However, Davis said something must be done.

“Any time you talk about a boundary, there is never going to be a recommendation where everyone is super satisfied, but what I can commit to is that no matter what school anyone goes to, they have a high-quality education every single day,” Davis said.