HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — One of the four suspects believed to be connected to a grocery store robbery in Tampa was in court Wednesday morning.

Rico Dyches, who was taken into custody Tuesday, is now headed to Polk County where he has seven warrants.

The U.S. Marshals Service Task Force tracked Dyches and three other suspects to a home on Lake Ellen Circle in Carrollwood.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff said Dyches and a woman rammed officers’ cars trying to drive out of the neighborhood before they were taken into custody.

Officers also arrested Pedro Gamez, who they believe robbed the store at gunpoint. His charges include aggravated assault on law enforcement office with deadly weapon, tampering with physical evidence, felon in possession of a firearm, grand theft motor vehicle and robbery with a firearm.

Two Task Force officers shot and killed Victor Gamez in the home, after they said he pointed a gun at them. They also questioned a woman.

A woman who lives in one part of the home tells 8 On Your Side she was in the house when officers arrived.

Cristina Luna said the home is a duplex and she rents a room. The people who officers were searching for live in the back, while she lives in the front.

“I heard a boom, and my dog barked, and I woke up, and I opened the front door and 10 men in my yard had guns on me and they yelled and put me over there,” Luna said.

Luna said she doesn’t know the suspects well because she’s only lived at the home a few months.

“I know the other one, Pedro was the one they were looking for, the one I guess gets in the most trouble,” Luna said. “They just bum rushed in the house. There’s no gun here.”

The Hillsborough County Sheriff said all four suspects were also involved in a robbery in Polk County, and they’re trying to find out if they were responsible for others.

A Tampa Police officer and a Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy shot Gamez. FDLE is investigating the shooting.