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Robbery, shooting happens in busy Brandon area, woman hospitalized

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - A young woman is recovering at Tampa General Hospital after being shot in the leg Wednesday night.

The 23-year-old was making a night deposit at a Wells Fargo bank located at 204 Kings Avenue South in Brandon.

The robbery and shooting is caught on camera.

A masked man is seen shooting out two windows in victim's car, then demanding money. Investigators say she locked her doors and refused to open them.

But, this man was so bold, he shot inside the car.

In the end, he got away with the cash, and the young victim ended up with a gunshot wound in the hospital.

The young woman's mother tells News Channel 8 her daughter is scared, but alive.

"It's going to take a long time for her to recover from this," the victim's mother told us Thursday night.

What's truly scary is that this happened in a well-populated area at 9 p.m., right next to a busy Beef-O-Brady's.

"I can't believe this is happening here. I've lived here since '68, and it's just amazing to me that this would happen just a few feet from my business," said Kerri McDougald. Her longtime business, All Insurance Group, is just a few feet away.

She was stunned and saddened to hear the news.

"I guess more and more we're learning that we're not safe anywhere. I don't know what the answer is," Kerri added.

Turns out, this location is a hot spot for night deposits.

A mother of three who works across the street says she'll be more careful from now on and plans to stop making deposits after dark.

"Well, I make night drops a lot in the bank. So after hearing this story, I would definitely be more cautious," she told us.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the case. If you know who the masked man is, please call the sheriff's office.

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