TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The public is pushing back against parts of the city budget proposed by Tampa Mayor Jane Castor.

The nearly $2 billion dollar proposed budget includes more than $26 million dollars for housing-related services.

Families weren’t afraid to voice concerns about the numbers at the budget hearing on Tuesday night.

“Housing, I just don’t see the urgency. We’re in the middle of a crisis,” one resident said.

“Those individuals that can’t pay their rent now won’t be able to pay it then,” another said.

Mayor Jane Castor said she’s putting aside $5.5 million from the general fund for housing affordability and stability.

Councilmembers listened to frustrated renters who said if the budget passes as is, they would be priced out of Tampa.

“We’re seeing a rise in homelessness, we’re seeing a rise in evictions, we’re seeing a rise in housing insecure people,” Davie Jones, a member of the Tampa Bay Community Action Committee said.

Councilman Orlando Gudes has previously proposed a 1-year, 5% cap on rent increases. City officials warned the measure could lead to rent spikes before it goes into effect, and face court challenges.

“We have to look at areas where when can cut the fat to deal with the housing situation. I’m just going to put it out there, this body refuses a rent stabilization,” Gudes said Tuesday.

The city council is scheduled to hold another budget hearing on Sept. 20.