TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The fight over Roe versus Wade continues in the Tampa Bay area.

Two pro-abortion rights groups rallied in downtown Tampa on Saturday.

“We are here to defend abortion rights because abortion is healthcare,” said Ruth Beltran, organizer.

Dozens of protesters walked the streets, making it known there won’t be peace until there’s justice.

“People having autonomy over their own bodies is essential,” Beltran said.

She told 8 On Your Side she was devastated when she heard the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade last week. This decision gives states the authority to limit or ban the procedure.

More than two dozen states are expected to tighten abortion access.

“I understand the impact that this is going to have on black, brown and poor women. That is the reality,” said Beltran. “We believe that the decision to give children is solely and rests solely on people and their doctors. These are not decisions that should be made by politicians.”

Just this week, a Florida judge temporarily blocked the state’s new 15 week abortion ban. It was suppose to go into effect on July 1. Gov. Ron Desantis made it clear he won’t be backing down.

“To say that the state constitution mandates things like dismemberment abortions, I just don’t think that’s the proper interpretation,” DeSantis said.