TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) -Gary Elbon has lived at MacDill Air Force Base since 2016. Like many others who live there, he’s experienced mold problems that have created health issues.

“So we didn’t necessarily first notice it. I would say we started experiencing health problems to the point we were like what is going on, why are so many of us experiencing these problems. So we all went to the doctor. My kids missed school a couple of days, and had to go to urgent care and there was no real explanation as to why we were experiencing these medical problems,” said Elbon.

He’s not alone. Many other families at MacDill have reported problems.

Ronald Hansen, is the President of Michaels Management Services. They are the company in charge of maintaining the homes at MacDill. Hansen maintains the problems with base housing are not as bad as people are saying.

“Well, there’s 1,600 homes at MacDill and today we are dealing with 7 cases,” said Hansen.

Some families with base housing have complained it often takes days before their complaints are dealt with. Hansen says his company has put a system in place to deal with the complaints.

“For at least the last six months, we’ve treated every work order that’s dealing with mold as an emergency work order and we’re in the house within four hours,” said Hansen.

Gary Elbon and others say reality is very different, “We called maintenance out and they sent somebody out a few days later,” said Elbon.

Hansen says his company is using certified contractors to do all mold mitigation work, and if their work isn’t done to expected standards, they will be replaced.