TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Even though there are plenty songs in Powerstories Theatre’s latest musical, none of them are a swan song.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Lisa Negron. “Unbelievably heartbreaking.”

The small, local theatre off Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa is in technical rehearsal for its final musical, “Raising Twelve on a Nickel and a Prayer.”

“It was heartbreaking,” said Omar Negron. “Powerstories is like a second home to us.”

Powerstories and the businesses in the building with it are being demolished in June 2023 to make way for housing.

“There’s an art gallery next door and we’ve done some wonderful theatre and it’s got such a great spirit,” said Lisa Negron. “It’s so sad that we’re losing it because we’ve really done something with such a small space.”

Lisa and Omar Negron — real life wife and husband — are playing married couple Betty and Harold Taylor in “Raising Twelve.”

“Any time that we’re on stage, or even just in the building, it just feels like home. Especially with Fran here,” said Omar Negron. “She’s like the heart of the place.”

Powerstories Executive Director and founder Fran Powers moved into the current space eight years ago.

“We’re looking at this as being in transition,” said Powers. “Not in trouble.”

This will be the fourth time in seven years she’s put on “Raising Twelve.” The Christmas tale is a deeply personal, family story for her.

“This is a musical that I wrote after I lost both my parents,” Powers said. “My mother always wanted to have 12 children. My father didn’t.”

Right now, Powers is holding it together for the many kids and adults in the ensemble.

“I have to be kind of the leader,” Powers explained. “People are taking their cues from me, on how are you feeling, and so I have to constantly be up.”

But by no means is this the end of Powerstories Theatre.

“January 1, all hands on deck,” explained Powers. “We have a plan put together on how we’re going to build a new theatre center in Tampa dedicated to the performance of true stories.”

Whether they build that center or buy a building, Powers wants to control her theatre’s destiny. And her team will follow.

“This is not the end,” said Lisa Negron. “Powerstories is not just a building. It’s not just a location. It’s theatre. It’s what we love to do.”

“Raising Twelve on a Nickel and a Prayer” opens December 1 at 7:30 p.m., and runs through December 18. You can get tickets here.