TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One person is in custody and there are possibly other suspects after a shooting Sunday morning in Ybor City that left two people dead and 16 others injured.

Tyrell Phillips, 22, faced a Hillsborough County judge on Monday in connection with the shooting. Phillips is charged with second-degree murder.

Videos posted on social media show a man, believed to be Phillips, pull a weapon and fire a number of shots onto the crowded 7th Avenue just before 4 a.m.

On his Facebook page, Phillips has several videos of himself flashing cash and weapons. The videos were posted before the deadly shooting. Phillips lists his occupation as “drug dealer” on his social media.

Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw said the videos are now a key part of their investigation. Bercaw said detectives are also investigating the possibility that more than one person fired during the shooting.

“We are looking,” he said. “That’s part of the investigation. We have a lot of great camera footage to look at and actually talking about citizens, Tip 411 was a great resource where we’ve received camera footage to look at.”

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor insists Tampa is safe and so is Ybor City.

Castor said 55 offers were in Ybor at the time of the shooting and immediately responded. She said Ybor City doesn’t need to change, but society does.

“We have to, as a country, take an honest look at the proliferation of firearms,” Castor said. “If you look throughout our country, all of the polling that’s done, the majority of citizens want responsible gun ownership and also the majority of citizens are in favor of reasonable firearm regulations.”