RIVERVIEW, Fla. (WFLA) — A Hillsborough County deputy pleaded with a man for minutes before shooting and killing him outside a McDonald’s in Riverview Tuesday night.

Newly released body camera footage shows how the incident unfolded from the perspective of one of the responding deputies.

The video shows deputies attempt to serve an arrest warrant on Dylan Scott as he sat in his truck with his girlfriend in the parking lot of the McDonalds on Bloomingdale Avenue in Riverview.

As deputies approached his vehicle, Scott hit the gas, rolled over the parking curb and drove into traffic on Bloomingdale. Video shows Scott crashing into a van before coming to a stop.

The deputy wearing the body camera rushed to the truck, demanding to see Scott’s hands, but Scott refused. The deputy pleaded with Scott for nearly four minutes before ultimately shooting him when he “motioned for a gun.”

Scott was pronounced dead at Tampa General Hospital.

“The body-worn camera video shows the more than three minutes our deputies begged and pleaded with Dylan Scott as they tried to de-escalate the situation last night,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “In any given situation, I never want it to end with someone losing their life. Our deputies did all they could to try to end last night’s events peacefully, and for the sake of transparency, I believe this video shows that effort.”

Despite telling deputies he had a gun on his waistband, no firearm was found in the vehicle. Back on July 29, Scott’s mother had called HCSO after he left a note saying he wanted to die via suicide by cop.