PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – A Plant City couple recently celebrated their dream wedding with the help of a fast food restaurant.

Arley and Vickie met through a mutual friend who was getting married.

Their group of friends met at a Checkers restaurant and she said Arley was initially “avoiding her, not talking at all” when he thought she already had a boyfriend.

Thankfully for Arley, he said things turned around and the pair began dating, with fast food staying a theme throughout their relationship.

“Arley decided that I needed to propose to him with five fry burgers,” Vickie said. “He literally is standing outside the backyard, and he has this Checkers bag and with a fry burger in it, and he’s like, ‘I have the final fry burger!’”

“I had to lock this fry burger in and keep her forever,” Arley laughed.

Vickie said she made the announcement that she had the final fry burger in hand to complete their engagement.

“I get down on one knee and I propose to Arley and that completed both of our engagements to each other,” she said.

For their wedding, Vickie sent a direct message to Checkers to see what they might be able to do for them.

The restaurant provided a chicken tender and fry-making trailer for the newlyweds and guests, as well as a chicken tender bouquet for Vickie for their wedding over the weekend.

“I [felt] like a Checkers princess!” Vickie said of the day.