PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s an unfortunate reality: Looters often show up when a hurricane hits, taking advantage of businesses and homes that have been evacuated.

A trail of shattered glass and damage was left behind at Yerb Labs Kava Lounge and Smoke Shop in Plant City, but the mess wasn’t caused by the hurricane. During Hurricane Ian looters hit the business and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

“I get a phone call with the video and my neighbor said police are inside your place,” said Yerb Labs Owner Carlos Tramontana, who was out of town when he learned his business had been burglarized.

The thieves busted through the front door, shattered glass cases and stole thousands of dollars in vape and other products.

“It really hurt. It was really sad to see something like this, something you put your heart into, we spent every penny we have on this place,” said Tramontana.

“I was devastated. The first thing I thought of was who, and why, and it was just really heartbreaking,” said Shay Mccully with Yerb Labs.

To make matters worse, Tramontana learned insurance won’t cover the losses. “It’s really hard when you’re finally gaining momentum and you feel like your heart was just ripped out because now we have to start over again,” he said.

Yerb Labs is still working to get surveillance footage. If you have any information contact Yerb Labs or Plant City Police.