TAMPA, FLA. (WFLA) — A pilot created a special memory for a John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital patient on Saturday.

Three-year-old Ezra Richards became fascinated with planes while in the hospital battling Hepatoblastoma, a rare cancerous tumor that starts in the liver.

“When he could get out of his bed, the way the Oncology Unit faced, we got to see all the flights coming and going, and some of the life flights, so that’s just where he became in love with airplanes and helicopters, it was something that was so fun for him,” said Lauren Richards, Ezra’s mother.

Pilot Nick Henderson flew from Jacksonville Saturday morning to meet Ezra and present him with pilot wings, a log book and his own pilot shirt.

“It’s a great opportunity to connect with him and give him an introduction to the aviation world and kind of adopt him into the flying community, into that family,” said Captain Nick Henderson.

Henderson then took Ezra on a flight over Tampa Bay, the Skyway Bridge and down towards Sarasota. For Ezra’s family, it’s a moment they’ll treasure forever.

“It’s not just the medications keeping him alive, it’s actually getting to live, and these are those times,” Lauren said.