TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Tampa Elementary School went under a lockdown Friday morning after an incident near campus.

Initially, police said a school security officer had an encounter with an armed individual at the Shaw Elementary School.

However, they later said that a man showed up at the campus, saying he was being chased by another man armed with a gun. They then said there was “no indication of a weapon on campus.”

According to an updated release, James Oscar Williams, 44, was banging on the front door of the administrative building while asking to be let inside. A staff member then activated a crisis alert button, putting the school on lockdown.

After being told to leave, Williams ran to another entrance and tried to get inside before jumping a fence onto school property. A school security officer stopped Williams from going any further, police said.

It was at this point that the man said he was being chased by a gunman.

“Williams had cuts on his hands and a small amount of blood on his t-shirt, which he said came from jumping the fence of a nearby home as he fled the alleged suspect,” the police statement said.

Police said they did not find anyone matching the alleged gunman’s description.

The lockdown was lifted in less than an hour. Williams was charged with trespassing on school property and could get a mental health evaluation, according to the release.

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