TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — Several U.S retailers have placed purchase limits on baby formula due to product shortages.

Target, CVS and Walgreens are some of the retailers limiting infant formula purchases in hopes of preserving inventory. That has some Tampa-area parents worried.

“You can only have one, you can only have two, what am I’m going to do with this?” said Krystle Ulysses, a Tampa Bay-area parent. “My child drinks it in two or three days.”

Nearly 40 percent of baby formula products were out of stock across the country last month, according to a Datasembly report.

Parents across the Bay area have scrambled in stores and online to look for cans.

“We switched over again hoping to be able to buy in bulk, but almost every store was out within a 100-mile radius,” said Jenny Murray, another Bay area parent.

Another problem is people who don’t need the formula are purchasing it to resale at higher costs.

“I saw my sons new formula on Ebay, someone was charging $300 for four cans because they had it, and it’s preying on parents’ desperate attempts to be able to feed their child,” said Kathryn Heller, a Bay-area parent.