TAMPA (WFLA) – A Hillsborough County couple at the center of a medical custody battle continued their fight outside Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Saturday. 

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball rallied for their three-year-old son Noah who has leukemia. Earlier this week, they took the boy to Kentucky which sparked a search for them. 

The couple tells News Channel 8 they were avoiding getting the boy chemotherapy. Noah has leukemia and his parents wanted to treat him with something other than what doctors recommended. They told us the chemo would be too tough on Noah’s body.

“Since he’s been with us, his health has completely gotten back to normal levels,” McAdams said.

“I cannot believe how many people are rallying on social media and have rallied out here in the middle of the day in Florida. I mean its sweltering hot and they’re out here with their kids and they believe in this movement,” Bland-Ball said.

Right now the boy is in his grandmother’s custody. The couple tells WFLA they’re not opposed to treatment, they just want to do it differently. Social media posts show they previously spoke out against the use of chemo. Bland-Ball credited her son’s improved health to vitamins and alternative treatments.

In court Wednesday, Noah’s parents asked for custody of the boy. But the sheriff’s office and guardian ad litem program says they don’t want the media there due to health and age concerns.