TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Two Hillsborough County parents at the center of a custody battle involving their little boy and the State of Florida learned they’re headed to trial.

A trial for Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball was set for mid-August.

But, their focus isn’t solely on that legal battle. Most of it has been on their son, Noah McAdams.

“We just want Noah home,” said his mother. “That’s all we want at this point. We want him home and healthy.” 

Their little boy’s health is what sparked the back-and-forth.

Officials explained to 8 On Your Side that the parents refused to bring their boy, who has cancer, to chemotherapy treatments.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office issued a missing endangered child alert back in April.

The family was eventually found in Kentucky.

“I have a lot of emotions going through me right now. We are picking up the pieces and our goal is to get our son. Continue our lives” the boy’s dad said.

That’s what the family has yearned for weeks.

The parents’ attorney wouldn’t disclose the charges against the parents but said they plan to fight them as vigorously as possible.

“From our perspective, it’s simply important that Noah is returned to his parents.  He’s a three-year-old little boy going through a traumatic time.  And he’s very much loved by his parents,” attorney Brooke Elvington said after the hearing.

News Channel 8 got the following statement from a spokeswoman with the Florida Attorney General’s Office:

Our office has a civil case pending litigation in dependency court involving the McAdams family.  There are no criminal allegations or criminal charges pending against either of the McAdams parents.  Any criminal prosecution would be under the authority of the Office of the State Attorney and not the Office of the Attorney General.