More than 320 cats taken off a property in Plant City will be put up for adoption after a judge’s ruling Wednesday.

The cats were seized by animal control officers last week after they got a tip about possible deplorable conditions at Fur ‘N Feather Farm. 

“[Jean] Wilkes has signed over custody of the cats to us in an agreement with her attorney and our attorney and the judge has signed off on that agreement,” said Pet Resource Center manager Lori Letzring.

Workers found 327 cats, 5 dogs and 100 birds, according to Todd Pratt, a spokesman for Hillsborough County.

Some of the cats were sick and needed medical care. Several were euthanized.

After the judge’s decision, Wilkes is allowed to keep 5 of the 327 cats. The others will be adopted out as soon as Wednesday.

“She cannot operate as a pet rescue.  She cannot operate as a foster.  And we have the right and ability to come in at anytime and inspect her property to make sure she’s complying with this agreement of five cats only,” Letzring said.

She is allowed to keep the dogs and birds because they are in apparently good health, a judge decided.

News Channel 8 has reached out to Wilkes for comment, but she has refused to speak about the seizure.