TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The family of Alana Sims feels like justice was served, despite how bittersweet it might feel.

“Praise the Lord,” exclaimed Shahlevi Sims. “We were thankful that he is under arrest. That was our biggest prayer.”

25-year-old local rapper Billy Adams was arrested Wednesday at his parent’s house in New Tampa for shooting and killing Alana Sims and her unborn child.

“We were expecting another beautiful soul, but it was taken from us,” Shahlevi Sims said. “So I didn’t lose one, I lost two.”

Alana Sims was five months pregnant with, according to police, probably Adams’ baby.

“It would appear that the motive is that he did not want to be in her life anymore and was not ready to have a child,” explained Major Mike Stout. “Is unfortunately how it appears to us.”

Officials said Alana Sims thought she was going to a party for Adams to celebrate his acquittal on a double murder charge just a couple of days earlier.

“I don’t know why they let him out,” Shahlevi Sims said. “Especially with the charges that he had.”

Police say there was no party.

Sims said she wasn’t shocked Adams was arrested because of his history.

“Just because you want to see a bright future of somebody because they’re young,” she said. “Don’t get past about what the charges just because there’s family that’s hurt.”

Adams is charged with first-degree murder and killing of an unborn child.

“I didn’t find him to be remorseful in watching my detectives do the interview,” Major Stout said.

“If it comes to a trial, Shahlevi Sims says she will be there, front and center.

“I’m going to be there every day,” Shahlevi Sims said. “My daughter can’t speak but I can.”