TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – ZooTampa is taking the summer heat very seriously, making sure all of the animals that call the zoo home are comfortable and safe.

Animal care professionals are monitoring the animals several times throughout the day, paying attention to any changes in behavior. They are also making sure the animals get some relief from the high temperatures and are keeping them cool in various ways, depending on the species.

The ZooTampa otters, wallabies and black bears are given buckets of ice and frozen treats.

Other animals, like the Indian rhino and babirusa are sprinkled with cool water. The African elephants enjoy a dip in their pool.

ZooTampa noted that all the animal species at the zoo can withstand hot temperatures in the Tampa Bay area.

The animals always have a way to keep cool, from their icy treats, cool enrichment and access to their indoor night houses.