TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There will only be one name printed on the ballot for the next Tampa mayor election in March — Jane Castor.

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Election told News Channel 8 that the mayor is not unopposed but will go up against one write-in candidate, Belinda Noah.

Both Castor and Noah were required to submit qualifying documents to run for office and opt to pay a qualifying fee, collect petitions or run as a write-in candidates. The county’s election website showed Castor paid a total of $5,604.09 in expenditures and distributions to appear on the ballot, while Noah spent $635.27 and opted to be a write-in.

Candidates Jeff Godsell and Andre Maurice Hill Sr. either withdrew from the race or did not qualify.

The county said qualified write-in candidates’ names, like Noah’s, do not appear on the ballot. Instead, voters can write in that candidate’s name to vote for them.

If voters write in Belinda Noah’s name, those votes will be counted. If they write in the name of someone else, who has not submitted the qualifying paperwork, that vote will not be counted.

“We can only count write-in votes for qualified write-in candidates,” the county supervisor of election told News Channel 8.